The Trekking Company since 1988

We set up The Trekking Company in Canberra, Australia, in 1988 to do what we love best. Walking in beautiful parts of the world, learning new cultures and making friends with those who travel with us.

Beautiful places:
There are so many stunningly beautiful places around the world. We try to get to these places before mass tourism gets there! We chose to explore the more remote regions and enjoy the beauty and the hospitality of the people there.

Our early treks were across the Himalayas and in Asia. We now operate various trips in Africa, South America and Europe. This was to keep regular customers like Steve happy!   “As I say, “If the Trekking Company goes there, we’ll use the Trekking Company“. Steve.”

Our Expert Advisors & Support Team

The advantage of having been trips with The Trekking Company since 1988
We get to know most of our associates and support team personally, and we have always found them cheerful, friendly and supportive.