Our interest lies in designing treks and walks that we enjoy and hope you do.

The Trekking Company

We set up The Trekking Company in 1988 to introduce a part of the world we knew best, the Himalaya. The next step was to explore the world beyond the Himalaya, where we had travelled extensively. 

Here are snapshots from our trips that might give you an idea of what we do. We invite you to sign up for our newsletter to keep you informed of the upcoming trips and for you to let us know what interests you. [email protected]  

The Trekking Company


Our early treks were across the Himalayas. We now operate various trips in Africa, South America, Europe and Antarctica. We regularly explore new adventures for our regular clients. Steve wrote: “As I say if The Trekking Company goes there, we’ll use The Trekking Company”. 

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